BATTLE SEO AUDIT Report is Handmade, Not Automated.

Experienced SEO strategists do your SEO audit Manually. We avoid bots and software spit outs that’s what battle SEO audit is all about

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Research and Resolution

Digixfly knows that Organic search is directly dependent on search engine’s Optimizations, reading and evaluating website content. If this content is hindered, it can significantly impact organic performance.

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Obstacle Detailing

Digixfly outlines the obstacles and provides personalized recommendations for fixing the obstacles based on the info we know about your site, CMS and server.


Digixfly then prioritizes fixing each issue by supplying the impact level every barrier has on organic performance and the level of effort we quote each will need.


Digixfly’s’ team of SEO experts are on-the-ground working with each customer to ensure their SEO campaigns meet their end goals as success. We base our Quality SEO campaigns on verifiable, results-driven thematic keywords so you outrank the competition and start feeling confident in partnering with Digixfly, We make sure you will leave with results. “QUALITY” that’s what battle seo audit is all about


We could granularly monitor organic traffic earnings attribution via our campaigns by placing a data-centric base for every effort. So never guess again that SEO is creating a net-positive yield – your staff and investors will adore the fiscal insight. We always keep our process visible and transparent so you know what’s going on behind the scenes

Scalable Campaign- Startup friendly SEO

Are you Launching a startup with limited funds? Obviously you have an amazing idea but SEO Pricing worries you? Not an issue. Want to check our procedure before ramping up the funding? Sounds great to us. Together with Digixfly, all attempts are structured to permit easy scalability. We really support new businesses to achieve heights and for that we make a custom tailored SEO plan which is pocket friendly!



A full website SEO audit is done by a focused practice that includes the use of SEO audit services, checklists,tools and standards to find a website’s issues and its optimization campaign. An SEO audit can also be used to create a list of all weak points, actionable items, and optimizing the weaknesses found in a website.

In addition to that, On page audit is often used to gather informations required for a company to make adjustments to their SEO campaign and get better results and persist their place on first page.

Then there’s the Battle SEO Audit — which is offered by Digixfly.

  • Our search engine audit includes everything you are going to get from a fast audit, but in addition, it dives in considerably deeper with more thorough tools and manual work. In other words, our search audit provides you with a deep analysis that is composed of over 150 different sections. The exact number of sections varies from client to client, depending on their needs, but it rarely extends higher than 90 or lower than 80.
  • Although this may not look like a massive gap, the practice has shown us that it has significantly affect campaign results. That’s because every issue mentioned in one of those sections affects your site’s rank in the search engines in a certain (positive or negative) way. If left unchecked or overlooked, you risk losing your ranking due to poorly executed SEO auditing.
  • But you do not need to worry about that if you work with us. Digixfly understands that the gap between a good and a bad search audit can come down to one parameter. That is precisely why we never rush this process, and we carefully analyze all sections before we return to our client back.